Homicides in Los Angeles continued to outpace the numbers for the same time in 2009, according to the Los Angeles Police Department's latest CompStat figures. The spread between '09 and today, however, narrowed to a small, 1.8 percent increase.

Through May 22, 115 homicides were reported in the city; at the same time last year that number was 113. The union representing Los Angeles police set off warning alarms last week when the spread was greater — 111 compared to 102.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League stated that “It is a bit unsettling today to find Los Angeles on a short list of cities reporting increases in murders so far this year … The other major cities reporting that murder is on the rise are New York, Chicago and Philadelphia … “

The union cited a decreased in officer overtime and cuts in the LAPD's civilian workforce as “concerns” that should be addressed when looking at the murder rate.

However, other crimes, including rape, robbery and aggravated assault are down — way down.

LA Weekly