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Nicholas Rutherford and Lauren Lapkus in The Unicorn.; Credit: The Orchard

Threesomes Are Tiresome in The Unicorn

In his new comedy The Unicorn, director/musician Robert Schwartzman (lead singer of the L.A. band Rooney) presents a unique dilemma: What if your parents are more sexually progressive than you are? What if their relationship makes yours look like a dwindling balloon with the air sucked out of it?...
Attorney Lisa Bloom

Lynwood Mayor Pro Tem's Accuser Breaks Her Silence

Following last week's report about Lynwood Mayor Pro Tem Edwin Hernandez being accused of sexual harassment by a city employee, attorney Lisa Bloom of the Bloom Law Firm held a press conference on Thursday that saw Monica Ochoa bravely speak out, revealing herself as the employee who made the complaint....
Credit: Abraham Magnawa / Shutterstock.com

An Open Letter to the Entertainment Industry's "Good Guys"

To the good guys in the industry, You knew. Of course you knew. In most cases it was obvious. In others we told you. You even listened sometimes. You considered our words and made all the right sounds of compassion. Then you put our concerns on the scales and weighed......
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