Holy Wars on Radiohead Classic: Kat Leon, front woman with L.A. rockers Holy Wars, told us about her love for Radiohead’s masterpiece.


OK Computer (Parlophone/Capitol)

Kat Leon: I have many favorites but I would probably say OK Computer by Radiohead. Yes I know this sounds like a cliche — cue the eye rolls — but it was the first album that made me want to write music. Every song on that album in my opinion is flawless… lyrics, music, performance… it is one of the few albums that can take me to a certain place no matter where I am or what I am doing.


Ultimate nostalgia for me and “Exit Music For A Film” is my absolute favorite song. I found my voice through the countless hours of spinning this album, with how I feel about myself and societal issues which gave me the desire to speak my truth through music. This album as well as a few of my favorite artists don’t just stick to a certain sound or “fit in a box.” So this has definitely shaped my taste in music and our genre bending from track to track. A close second is The Score – Fugees.

Holy Wars on Radiohead Classic: The “TV Dinners” single is out now.

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