Kat Leon is best known as the lead singer of Holy Wars, a local band who manufacture a dark, heavily rocking sound on such quintessentially sordid tracks as “Welcome to My Hell.” The vocalist performs at the Hi Hat under her own name for the first time to present songs from her debut solo EP, This Is How the World Ends. “Give me an ocean,” Leon purrs dramatically on the EP’s title track, which unfolds with somber chords before an anthemic chorus kicks in. “I’ve taken more than you know/And you cannot break me,” Leon fiercely declares as doom-ridden chords descend around her on “Fearless.” “The Storm” is a contrastingly intimate piano ballad that’s illuminated in the verses by Leon’s flickering vocals before her singing soars grandly and ruefully over another shadowy landscape. With Naika, Roman the Cartoon, and Badtooth.

The Hi Hat, 5043 York Blvd., Highland Park; Mon., Nov. 4, 8 p.m.; free. https://hihat.ticketfly.com/e/kat-leon-bad-tooth-naika-roman-the-cartoon-75720920311.

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