This morning you woke up and we bet you didn't think “You know what my life needs right now? An underground Chinese band doing a live cover of the Velvet Underground's 'Sunday Morning'!”

Let's pretend you thought that and, magically, the godess of music (Euterpe or something Greek like that) delivered the following, and everything was suddenly alright:

The band is called Carsick Cars, they are currently touring the US as part of some kind of cultural exchange scheme, and we guess the State Department is hoping they will help bring down the last remnants of Chinese Communism in the same way Lou Reed and Frank Zappa freed the Czech and David Hasselhoff tore down the Berlin Wall.

Warhol, once again, proven visionary

Warhol, once again, proven visionary

Hey Axl–this is what Chinese Democracy might really sound like!

Here's some more Carsick Cars:

Download Carsick Cars' “Panda”

And, yes, they have a MySpace page.

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