Hollywood Farmer's Market

It's stone fruit season!

Hollywood's Farmer's Market is huge, delicious, pretty easy to get to from many parts of town, and nicely scheduled for Sunday mornings.

Still plenty of this season's cherries left.

And after you've got your bags of fruit you can check in at Amoeba or join a protest in front of the CNN building.

Mr. Ha's apples. If you ever hear someone in LA really raving about how amazing an apple tastes, it's a good bet that they got it from his farm. Once I watched Mr. Ha hand feeding slices of different apples into Jake Gyllenhaal's mouth. It was, umm, strange.

More deliciousness after the jump.

There's always a master gardener at a table in the center of the market as well to answer your questions about fighting bugs organically, watering and growing food in your own yard.

Purple potatoes don't really taste different, but they look great.

The South Central Farmers are still going strong

The market is along Ivar between Sunset and and Hollywood form 8 am to 1 pm. More info at their website.

And if it all seems a little overwhelming, or if you're a late riser, there's the smaller Atwater Village Farmer's Market, also on Sunday, on Glendale near Brunswick that goes until 2 p.m.

All photos by Mark Mauer

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