Every wonder what it's like to be scrambling amid the chaos of a shooting?

An LA Weekly reader was there when shots rang out at the otherwise upscale club Kress on Hollywood Boulevard Saturday night. A security guard who tried to break up a fight on a dance floor was reportedly shot in the abdomen.

Shortly before midnight, as the gunfire popped off, club-goers scattered.

The Weekly was the first media outlet in town to bring the news in story form. (Some TV news outlets even called and asked us for permission to use some of our content).

But our commenter of the day, Psgretna, was there and had a first-hand account of the scene:

I was on the VIP rooftop when it happened, and all of a sudden the lights just turned on. Ty Mohawk shouted to everybody loudly: “Everybody needs to exit the building as soon as possible. There is a gun shooting that happened on the second floor.” So my two friends and I were hustling and bustling down the stairs toward the emergency exit door, then we find that the parking lot is closed due to the matter of the gunshot.

So we walk around a huge block of Hollywood Blvd. to get to the parking lot. Figures that about 150 people are waiting outside the parking lot and on Schrader Blvd. and news reporters were there and everybody was worried, gossiping to each other, several cops drove up and walked around and went inside Kress club to find what was going on.

I stayed in the parking lot. I phoned another friend of mine who was the driver for my two homies and me, and he walked to us from the Renaissance Hotel (Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Avenue). The valet parking lot was sealed, and that meant Kress customers couldn't get their cars back. We stood on Schrader Blvd. in the cold not knowing how much longer we had to wait for our cars. There was talk about the shooting, but we didn't know the security guard was the one who had gotten shot. I didn't hear anyone say, “security guard.” Someone said the shooting resulted from an altercation over one male customer rudely pushing another male customer's girlfriend.

Finally, after about 45 minutes of doing nothing and knowing nothing, the valet guys let us retrieve our cars. Our driver was one of the first people to retrieve a car, then we all got in and went straight home. During our car ride we listened to all – news AM radio station KNX 1070 hoping to hear a news report, but there was none. The first news reports hit websites about eight hours later. CBS 2 local news on television's KCBS Channel 2 covered the story on its 5:00 newscast barely an hour ago, but they didn't make a big deal out of it.

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