If you subscribe to the dumbing-down of the human race, the devolutionary journey to Idiocracy, then perhaps Californee is the place you ought to be.

The self-driving car is just around the corner. We import Mexican women to raise our own children. And we think yoga is exercise. Now there's this:

The storied Hollywood Bowl, home of the wine-sipping music aficionado, is installing red and green bathroom stall lights so you'll know before you go, literally.

So was there a problem with the educated, moneyed people who can afford Hollywood Bowl box seats being unclear that a closed door or a man standing at a stall meant ocupado? Or maybe they just don't have enough hand sanitizer with them to knock?

In any case, the company Tooshlights says the Bowl pioneered this unique restroom lighting system, which lets you know when a stall is available.

The story from the company is that a Hollywood Bowl patron (a coked-up music industry exec, no doubt — we kid!) inspired the invention.

Credit: Tooshlights

Credit: Tooshlights

The idea of Tooshlights arose from a Hollywood Bowl loyalist who saw the need and requested such a system. Hollywood Bowl officials therefore took it upon themselves to find a solution for their clientele and thus stemmed the birth of Tooshlights.

Is it a hoax? Apparently this all too real. Hollywood Bowl director of operations Ed Tom:

Tooshlights at our venues have really improved the flow of traffic in the restroom facilities. There is no more standing in line waiting for stalls that are actually sitting unoccupied. Our patrons have definitely noticed the difference.

Next up: Ushers with flashlights directing you as you back up to a stall.

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