Some folks in the Hollywood nightlife community are concerned that a killer might be on the loose. Legman LA (via LA Observed) reports that the April death of Frolic Room doorman Gerald Thomas Andersen is still under investigation by police but that it has not been ruled a homicide. His mother, Carole Andersen, tells Legman that she believes he was killed — likely by a beer bottle to the back of his head — by a drunk bar patron he was leading out of the venue.

The doorman was found in a nook unconscious with blood coming out of his ears, and the patron was apparently nowhere to be found. Los Angeles police tell the blogger that the patron is a person of interest. But other bar workers in Hollywood are frightened because a killer could possibly be on the loose.

Anderson, by the way, was put in a coma and was taken on life support after 10 days by his mom.

LA Weekly