Holistic Practitioner Ashley Allen Is On A Mission To Heal Chronic Pain and Anxiety Through Nutrition Movement And Mindfulness

Ashley Allen, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Allen Health & Wellness, is teaching the world how to finally find relief from the debilitating pain and anxiety by getting straight to the source. 

Modern medicine has provided accessibility, rapid solutions, and everyday miracles that would have been impossible less than a century ago. As a result of the ever-progressing technology, the expectation is that there is a quick and easy fix for any condition. Unfortunately, for those treating a chronic disease, especially in pain management and mental health – the “magic pill” mentality serves only short-term relief and long-term disappointment. In our “one prescription fits all” society – it’s time to take healthcare personally. 

Ashley Allen, Board Certified Orthopedic and Family Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Allen Health & Wellness, is blazing trails for a better way to achieve deep and lasting healing. Through her holistic approach, Ashley helps men and women identify the root cause of chronic pain and anxiety to overcome their symptoms and reclaim a life of freedom and fulfillment. 

Ashley transitioned from Nurse Practitioner to Functional Medicine Health Consultant after years of witnessing the dysfunction in traditional treatment for pain and chronic illness. Getting into nursing at the entry-level and working in the field as she earned successive degrees, Ashley gravitated toward the realm of pain management. She wanted to learn how to relieve the debilitating chronic pain that so many people suffer daily. This specialty in medicine was highly personal to Ashley – growing up in West Virginia, where the opioid epidemic was raging. She had lost many friends to opioid overdose who were only seeking a way to relieve pain and live a normal life. 

“Masking symptoms and quick fixes seldom live up to the promise of taking away your pain for good,” shares Ashley. “I think that’s why the pain community has had a rough time over the past few years. Opioids were never the answer – getting to the root cause is.”

There was a component that didn’t make sense to Ashley as she assessed the crisis from a medical standpoint – masking symptoms with medication was only delaying further problems and leading to more suffering by way of drug dependence and disconnection with the body – a surface-level solution to a deeply rooted problem. Even pivoting into a hospital focused on back and brain surgery – what Ashley thought surely would be able to “fix” people and deliver them back to a joyful, purpose-filled life post-recovery – wasn’t the answer. Patients often endured complications and recurring pain after these major surgeries that left them hopeless and seeking further treatment.

Later, while working alongside chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists in an integrative practice, Ashley first experienced the wonders of alternative medicine. Witnessing first hand what was and wasn’t working in medicine allowed her to identify the missing pieces in treatment today, namely, the mind-body connection and a central focus on treating the root cause of an ailment. Learning about the crucial link between nutrition and inflammation in the body and how everything in health is connected launched Ashley into a quest for knowledge, fueling extensive training and certification courses in functional medicine. This immersion was just the catalyst she needed to create her unique treatment methods and, ultimately, open her own practice. 

Today, Ashley channels her passion for holistic health through her virtual health consulting platform, Allen Health & Wellness. As a Functional Medicine Health Consultant, she specializes in finding the root cause of symptoms through individualized testing such as hormone testing, nutrient testing, stool analysis, and many others. Having a knowledgeable health consultant like Ashley to guide you through the process of analyzing your results, getting clarity on what they mean, and setting health goals with actionable steps is key to making these tests an effective tool in any health journey. 

Ashley notes that similar tests are sold online as do-it-yourself home testing kits, and there is a vast amount of information on the web to sort through and decode your results, but she does not recommend this route to anyone serious about making positive changes in their health. “More data is not always better,” shares Ashley. “Many of these testing companies will give you the results of your stool or hormone analysis indicating the high and low levels, but that’s it! Then you are on your own to find meaning in the results and determine the correct path forward.” It is essential to consult with a holistic health professional to ensure your next steps forward, whether introducing a new diet or recommended supplements, will make things better, not worse.

Ashley’s passion is empowering people to go from sick, tired, and unhappy to a life of fulfillment and purpose – this is evident in her commitment to ensuring each client she works with has the tools to continue taking care of their symptoms if and when they need to. “My goal is after people complete their program with me, that they won’t need me if their pain returns,” Ashley shares. “They’ll know to begin doing their exercises again, pay closer to their nutrition, follow the plan we laid out together, and then a few weeks later, the pain is gone, and they accomplished it on their own.” 

What does Ashley consider a client success story? Any time someone can reduce or go off their pain medications. When clients are able to increase their activity levels to achieve something they thought they couldn’t do. Every instance an individual can once again live a life they love, waking up every day with purpose and hope. 

“Am I going to eliminate pain from happening in life? No, pain happens. It’s a part of life. It’s supposed to be there,” shares Ashley. “But to help you to get to where you’re able to control that pain, do the things that you like, and not be held back from it – that’s my goal. And when people say they’re able to do that, that’s when I know I’ve done my job.”

To learn to heal your chronic pain and anxiety and reach true health, schedule a discovery call with Ashley Allen, Founder of Allen Health & Wellness.

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