Whether you enjoy wine, beer, spirits or non-alcohol drinks, I have found something for everyone. These amazing brands of libations and accessories will be sure to make your guests cheer with happiness and their spirits will be high all night long. Cocktails have become an art with professional mixologists and at-home enthusiasts who create incredible and tasty drinks. Restaurants, hotel bars and clubs are all creating cocktails that represent their brands and the essence of their businesses. Check out the spirits and accessories I picked out below and have fun creating a signature cocktail that reflects your personality.

If spirits are not your speed, don’t worry, I found some great wines and beers with delicious notes and flavors that all you need to do is open the bottle and enjoy.

For the non-alcoholic drinkers, don’t feel left out. There are some great alternatives to alcoholic drinks. All the taste but no alcohol. So pour a glass and enjoy!

Cheers Everyone!

Tequila Aman

Tequila Aman

Tequila Aman Blanco is a sipping tequila. Robust medium body with crystalline silver nuances, on the nose the freshness is significant note of good grass, rosemary, basil, and fresh fruits apple, fig and light vanilla and cooked agave raw material brought from the Ixtlan Del Rio.

Tequila Aman Anejo

Tequila Aman Anejo is a light sweetness that encourages your to try more, strong presence of agave, brown sugar, vanilla and butterscotch.

Koloa Rum

Koloa Rum All 5 Md Large

Koloa Rum will transport you to paradise one sip at a time. Known as Hawaii’s ‘Spirit of Aloha’, Koloa Rum is made with Hawaiian mountain rainwater from Mount Wai’ale’ale and pure cane sugar. The company’s award-winning portfolio includes various rum flavors such as Dark, White, Gold, Spice, Coconut, Cacao and Coffee as well as ready-to-drink cocktails flavors; Hawaiian Rum Punch, Mai Tai and Pineapple Passion.

The Vice Wine

Vice Wine

THE VICE wines – luxurious wines from Napa made for everyday indulgence. The Vice’s current releases showcase 16 different varietals, including rare and unique wines, from 14 of Napa Valley’s 16 AVAs to celebrate the diversity of the appellation and provide a one-stop-shop for discovering Napa Valley.

Coco Rum & Coco Vodka

Coco Rum

CoCo offers an alternative to the typical unnatural, sugar-flavored malt/alcohol drinks. CoCo products contain fresh coconut water, triple distilled vodka or premium Caribbean White Rum and sparkling water. It’s natural and gluten-free.

Maker’s Mark

Makers Mark 12.22.21

Maker’s Mark and Los Angeles Lakers have introduced the Los Angeles Lakers 2020 Championship Edition bourbon. The custom whisky that was made through the Maker’s Mark® Private Selection program, which allows collaborators to ‘make their own Maker’s® by finishing fully matured cask strength Maker’s Mark Bourbon in a single barrel featuring a custom selection of oak staves.

Island Hopper Variety Pack

KO Island Hopper Variety Pack 600x830 for web

Our original variety 12pk features our sessionable, flagship beers Big Wave Golden Ale and Longboard Island Lager as well as two IPAs, Castaway IPA and Kua Bay IPA. This variety pack, available in Hawaii and across the mainland, will take you from island to island with every sip of Liquid Aloha.

Tuyo Tequila

Tuyo Tequila

From the moment these unique aromas touch your nose, you will discover a new way to enjoy this Special Edition Tuyo Tequila. These unique tequilas are aged in 10 yr old Bourbon barrels and are refined into Cristalinos. As the most decorated distillery in Mexico, we believe in creating one-of-a-kind Tequilas for you, our customers. The agave plants grown in the highlands of Jalisco offer you juicy, acidic notes of fresh citrus fruits with a satisfying balance of herbs. In contrast, you will find a variety of complex spice notes that are characteristic to the agave plants in the lowland region. The combination of these types of agave plants is what makes our Tequila bold, unique and sophisticated like no other tequila in the world.

Paradise in a Bottle Reed Diffuser

Say aloha to the scents of the islands in your own home! This custom, limited-edition, one-of-a-kind reed diffuser set is inspired by the Tropical Punch flavor of Kona Spiked Island Seltzer. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with every sniff! Includes aromas of orange, pineapple, black cherry, tangerine, and vanilla. Comes packaged in an exclusive Kona Spiked Island Seltzer box.

Argaux – The Spritz Kit

Sprtiz Kit 1

It is perfect for carrying you through happy hours, holiday parties, and family gatherings alike. The Holiday Spritz Kit features the Volume Primo Vermouth, as well as  ‘gaux-to Prosecco from Sorelle Bronca. Volume Primo’s Mediterranean-style Vermouth is macerated with bittering elements such as wormwood, gentian, sage, chamomile, and vanilla. It is flavor-packed and the perfect pick for mixing with bubbly Prosecco, especially during winter weather months.



As the beautiful red liquid cascades from the engineered exit pipes, the wine mixes with the surrounding air before gracefully falling into your desired vessel. The end result is a fully-aerated and enhanced taste in seconds–no more waiting!

Bellion Spirits

Bellion Spirits

The first functional spirit takes the traditional distillation process and combines it with NTX technology to create a better-for-you vodka (six times distilled to bring flavor to each sip). So what exactly is a functional beverage? It’s one enhanced with nutritional value to provide added benefits. In the case of Bellion Vodka, it changes the way we view alcohol by including a proprietary blend of FDA-approved ingredients: Licorice Root Extract, Mannitol (manna sugar), and Potassium Sorbate (white salt). The result is a spirit that reduces damage to the liver by 90% and DNA by 70% while easing inflammation and other alcohol-induced side effects.

Mico Tequila

Mico Tequila

MICO Reposado is aged in American Oak whisky barrels then finished in Napa Valley Cabernet barrels to create warm vanilla notes that marry with the tequila’s natural agave edge. The result is a Tennessee-inspired finish that doesn’t forget its Jalisco roots.

Almanac Beer Co.

Almanac Beer

Northern California’s farm-to-barrel craft beer pioneers Almanac Beer Co. offer a fun and delicious way to give the craft beer enthusiast in your life a gift to remember this holiday season! Almanac’s ultra-festive Holiday Advent Beer Box features twelve 16 oz. cans of beer, spanning a wide range of innovative craft beer styles including hazy IPAs, lagers, stouts, barrel-aged sours, and more.

Vicarious Wines

The Vicarious Wines

Vicarious “On Demand” is an in-home wine tasting experience kit of 4 Napa/Sonoma wines and 3+ hours of entertaining and educational videos that walk you through the wines. The videos are hosted by a Napa Valley winemaker who pulls back the curtain on winemaking, the wine industry, grape growing, food pairings, and wine tasting.

The Mocktail Club

Mocktail Club

Mocktail Club is your partner for alcohol-free living with sophisticated drinks created with functional benefits such as antioxidants and prebiotics for digestive health. The brand offers bold, sophisticated, and complex ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktails to keep you hangover-free and feeling great.

Stella Rosa Wines

Stella Rosa Golden

Stella Rosa Wines offer you a wide variety of wines, each unique to their vineyards in Monterey, Paso Robles, Napa Valley, and the Asti Region of Italy. From light, sparking whites to earthy, dark reds, their esteemed collection of wines has something for every palate.

Villa One Tequila

Villa One Tequila

The ultra-premium tequila was founded by two powerhouse, fashionable men, Nick Jonas and John Varvatos. The duo worked side by side with master distiller Arturo Fuentes, the “Godfather of Tequila” who brings more than 30 years of distilling experience. Unlike most tequilas, Villa One sources agave from both the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco, giving it a distinct and rounded profile that is offered in three expressions: Silver, Reposado, and Añejo.


Onda Can Mango

Instagram’s favorite Tequila Seltzer, thanks to the vibrant “Onda Orange” cans and co-founder Shay Mitchell, are sure to be a hit, especially when you gift their limited edition Paradise Collection with new, tropical-inspired flavors, Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, and Strawberry, that will transport you to a beach vacation no matter the season.

Spritz Society

Spritz Society

Perfect for the Spritz obsessed, Ben Soffer (aka internet sensation @boywithnojob), created the perfect sparkling canned Spritz cocktails that enliven the senses and enhance the moment.  Produced in Sonoma, the ready-to-drink natural Spritzes have a base of 100% real sparkling wine infused with natural fruit flavors and a touch of effervescence. Available in Grapefruit, Lemonade, Blood Orange, and Pineapple, each can bring a fun, colorful, refreshing, European-inspired twist that makes the elevated cocktail consumed and loved by the masses more accessible and convenient than ever.

Tank Garage Winery

Tank Garage Winery MDNA

MDNA is a mashup of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Carignan and Malbec — the concept of mixed blacks is about as old as winemaking itself. Tank worked with renowned artist René Garza for the label to create this collage depicting Lady Madonna sucking on a tootsie pop. Guaranteed no other wine bottles on the table will look (or taste) like this!

Tank Garage Winery Backseats And Beautiful Mistakes

Backseats & Beautiful Mistake for the white wine lovers. A blend of Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Viognier, Backseats & Beautiful Mistakes is a hand-on-the-window steamy love letter to life’s happy accidents.


Boxxle Group Red White and Black

Boxxle is a must-have for wine lovers! This stylish, bag-in-a-box appliance creates wine on tap at home. The dispenser holds up to four bottles of wine or one boxed wine, and it uses new technology to dispense wine, elevating the experience both by offering a convenient and attractive way (one button touch) to pour boxed wine and by placing the spigot above the rim of the glass for easy dispensing. Boxxle will keep your wine fresh for up to a month if you do not finish all of it in one sitting, and prevents oxidation, which eliminates spoiled wine.

Flying Embers

hard embers october 20210402 foam

Flying Embers that will leave you feeling good through the night and the next morning. I’ve included some fan-favorite options below!

  • For those looking for a healthier alternative to champagne for New Year’s, Bubbly is the perfect fit. Bright, elegant and silky, this bubbly is fermented with champagne yeast and whole plant botanicals. Aged to perfection in French oak chardonnay wine barrels, it’s crisp, dry, and sans the sugar bomb that comes with conventional champagne. Try it alone or in your favorite champagne cocktail (mimosas, anyone?)
  • For those who love big and bold flavors, our hard kombuchas are guaranteed to be a hit! Our hard kombuchas include tantalizing flavors such as Pineapple Chili, Watermelon Basil and Grapefruit Thyme. Sip on it solo or use it to top off your favorite cocktail!
  • For those looking for an unexpected twist, our line of hard seltzers brings tang and sweetness together.  This line includes innovative flavors such as Clementine Hibiscus, Guava Jalapeno, and Passionfruit Elderflower. Perfect for pairing with your favorite fall treats.
  • For those who appreciate a delicious canned wine, the Wine Spritzers are the brand’s latest innovation. We’ve created premium, small-batch spritzers for those occasions when uncorking a bottle just isn’t in the cards, but you’re not willing to sacrifice on quality or flavor. Our wine spritzers are California crafted and are certified organic, 0 sugar, lab-tested, preservative-free, and sulfite-free. It’s canned wine, made good.

Lunar Hard Seltzer

Lunar AsianSelter 900

Lunar is the first craft hard seltzer made with real, premium fruits and ingredients from Asia. The award-winning beverage brand works to deliver a delicious and elevated hard seltzer experience that is unapologetically authentic in its flavors and heritage, yet uniquely American and modern. Unique flavors include Yuzu, Lychee, and Plum.

Love Cork Screw

Love Cork Screw Wines

Black Female Founder Chrishon Lampley is a négociant and wine enthusiast who is doing good by leveraging her platform to mentor young women and budding entrepreneurs. She truly is an inspiration to all who know her. This Sauvignon Blanc is smooth yet has complex aromas of pear and tropical fruit lends way to the palate coupled with Meyer lemon and grapefruit rind citrus notes.

Ritual Zero Proof


Ritual Bundle

Ritual Zero Proof is the first American-made spirit alternative to capture the bite and burn of traditional spirits without the alcohol or calories. As the “sober-curious” trend grows, it’s sure to be one of this year’s most talked-about – and hangover-free – gifts.



Leilo 1 High Res 04245

Leilo is on a mission to de-stress a stressed-out world by using only the best all-natural ingredients to craft non-alcoholic beverages filled with flavor. It’s calm in a can this fall. Enjoy the relaxation with offerings featuring kava root, a tropical evergreen shrub from the Pacific Islands, and l-theanine. Carefree pleasures await from this NYC-based brand that makes ​all-natural, gluten-free relaxation blends with low-calorie choices such as raspberry hibiscus, blackberry orange, tango berry, lemon ginger, and Leilo lite.


22042 999 Sports Ball Ice Molds PKG 3 qrtr

Upgrade tailgates and watch parties with the sports-themed Tovolo Sports Ice Molds! Using our classic sphere ice, we’ve created a slow-melting accessory for your favorite court-side drink. The easy-to-use molds feature a stable nylon base and a leak-free silicone lid. Simply fill the mold with water, insert the silicone lid gently, and freeze. Once frozen, the silicone lid glides off for easy ice removal. Relax, and enjoy a cold beverage thanks to Tovolo Sports Ice Molds.

PureWine The Phoenix


PureWine’s new The Phoenix wine purifier to family and friends that they can reuse over and over again. They’ll think of you with love and pleasure as they enjoy their favorite glass of wine without the headache.



Avoid a hangover altogether with this Malbec-inspired non-alcoholic wine alternative.  It is the first of its kind – Unlike other non-alcohol wines, this alcohol-free juice blend doesn’t go through the labor-intensive and wasteful de-alcohol process. It’s a functional wine replacement drink that delivers a wide array of benefits. Carefully blended with tart and powerhouse fruits, this burgundy-colored drink tastes like the well-loved Malbec, minus the alcohol. It has its iconic smoky aroma, sophisticated layers of fruit, and a delicate balance of sweetness and tannin. This drink pairs well with meat, fatty fish, dark meat poultry, and aged cheese.

A Bar Above

A Bar Above

A Bar Above Stirred Cocktail Mixing Glass Set has everything needed to mix a stirred drink including the Classic Mixing Glass, Spiral Bar Spoon, Bell Jigger, Julep Strainer, and six 4” cocktail picks, all made from stainless steel.

Grisly’s Cosmic

Grislys Cosmic

Grisly’s Cosmic Black Ready To Drink Cocktail is a zero-sugar, low-calorie, low-carb whiskey and cola “pop and pour” cocktail that is distinctive, intensely flavorful, and fun. Imagineered by wife and husband duo Samantha Franklin and Eric Trueheart during the 2020 pandemic, the Black Yeti brand was created with the intention of bringing “much-needed joy and transcendent fun to our crazy world.”

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