Yesterday we blogged about the push by the German distributor of Downfall to clear YouTube of the many Hitler parody videos making use of the same scene from that film. As I noted in that post, I love a meme as much as the next gal, but this one has long run it's course; if we need a shark jump moment to point to, it would be the Hitler parody video in which Hitler himself rants against Hitler parody videos, in which the Fuhrer himself takes credit for ordering YouTube to remove the clips.

But of course, there are three certainties in this world: death, taxes, and when something happens on the internet, Hitler is going to get angry about it. And so we bring you the Hitler parody video in which Hitler gets mad because the producers of Downfall are asking YouTube to remove Hitler parody videos.

Not only has Hitler changed his tune, but he makes a surprisingly cogent argument against Constantin's copyright claims. “Haven't they heard of Fair Use? Title 17, U.S.C. Section 107?” he demands. As for YouTube, “I mean, they pulled out of China for shit like this.” Point taken!

That said, maybe it's worth noting that one of the reasons why these videos are so funny is that they depict Hitler, the mastermind behind some history's greatest evil, as a whiny, ineffectual little bitch. His protests about getting kicked off XBox Live or contracting swine flu are funny because, um, this guy killed six million Jews, and now all the world's shit just sticks to him, and he can't handle it. Too bad we didn't get a chance to execute him for his war crimes, but it's cool, because the entire Downfall meme–having to throw a pussy tantrum for the amusement of nerds and stoners every single fucking day for the rest of eternity–is punishment enough.

So if the whole point of the Downfall meme is to laugh at Hitler's constant humiliation, what to make of a Hitler parody video in which Hitler actually makes a convincing argument?

Oh, and PS–the best part of this new clip is that it's inspired a YouTube comment debate about the worth of Weird Al. Now that's something for Hitler to get mad about…

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