Hideki Matsui, the New York Yankees DH and MVP of the World Series, is coming to Los Angeles. Matsui has reportedly signed a 1-year contract with the Angels. So they get a guy who batted .615 over the 6 games of the series, and in arguably better news–depending on your culinary tastes and your views on the designated hitter–we may also get a curry house to go with him.

NYT restaurant critic Sam Sifton blogs this morning that Go! Go! Curry, a Japanese curry joint in New York City's midtown, may be opening in Los Angeles. Why? Because Go! Go! Curry is a Matsui shrine, a restaurant so devoted to the Japanese slugger that even the name was picked to honor him. (“Go” is “5″ in Japanese; 55 was Matsui's Yankees jersey number.) Will Matsui keep his number? Will the curry house follow him to Anaheim? Will Vladimir Guerrero open a Dominican restaurant now that he's a free agent? Stay tuned.

LA Weekly