Been missing Bill Clinton playing the sax on late night TV? Well, Herman Cain has done the former president one better, singing his version of John Lennon's “Imagine” in white choral robes. Sure, he did it a long time ago, but so what: That's the beauty of YouTube.

It turns out that in 1991, when the current GOP presidential candidate was president not of the country but of Godfather's Pizza, Cain took the stage during an Omaha Press Club event. What began as a speech quickly turned into a vocal performance, complete with the Godfather's Girls chorus line (that the pizza chain had a chorus line is itself significant news). Of course Cain, who has a very nice voice, changed Lennon's lyrics. “Imagine there's no pizza / I couldn't if I tried / Eating only tacos / Or Kentucky Fried / Imagine only burgers / It's frightening and sad…” No wonder he's leading both Romney and Perry in the polls.

LA Weekly