L.A. continues to be one of the most expensive housing markets in America.

Real estate website Zillow crunched the numbers earlier this month and discovered it takes nearly $100,000 a year in household income, which would put you in the top fifth of income earners in the United States, just to rent an average house in this town.

As part of that analysis, the site let us peek at its neighborhood-by-neighborhood Zillow Rent Index list of average single-family home rents in the L.A. area. Here are the 10 cheapest areas. In many cases, you won't be surprised.


10. Paramount, a city east of Compton and near the bottom right-hand corner of L.A. County, will cost you only $1,846 to put a single-family roof over your head. Only.

9. Compton is a place you've probably heard about, particularly if you like hip-hop music. Average rent: $1,837.

8. Hawaiian Gardens. Far from the idyllic place suggested by its name, Hawaiian Gardens is well known for its local gang and its Mexican Mafia ties. Average rent: $1,809.

7. Florence-Firestone. This unincorporated community is south of South L.A. and west of Huntington Park and South Gate. Enjoy. Average single-family home rent: $1,794.

6. Lake Hughes. This is an idyllic, rural community nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Pelona mountains north of Castaic and west of Lancaster. It's relatively affordable, but it's far out there. Average rent: $1,765.

Credit: Scenic Littlerock via Google Maps

Credit: Scenic Littlerock via Google Maps

5. Llano. Llano? We had to look this one up. It's a town off the Pearblossom Highway near the San Bernardino line. Somehow we can imagine it would be comparatively affordable. The average home rents for $1,547.

4. Pearblossom. This is another unincorporated community that exists as a few intersections along its namesake Pearblossom Highway. It lies between Llano and Littlerock. Average rent: $1,492.

3. Palmdale. At the northern end of L.A. County, this Antelope Valley city is the epitome of working-class, high-desert living. Average rent: $1,478.

2. Lancaster. This is Palmdale's civic rival to the north. Otherwise the demographics and scenery are quite similar. Average rent: $1,399.

1. Littlerock. The cheapest area for single-family home rentals in the L.A. market is Littlerock, an unincorporated community near Palmdale. Average rent: $1,333.

Happy renting.

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