[Editor's Note: Shea Serrano sometimes writes about Why This Song Sucks, and sometimes about his hilarious and poignant life and times. Better put your shoes on because your socks are about to be blown off.]

That's an 8-Bit version of Snoop Dogg.

I made him as part of a video game I'm making for regular Nintendo called Rap: Music and Things. For real. (Not for real.) It's a lot like Super Mario Bros., except instead of being a plumber you get to be a West Coast rap legend, and instead of throwing fireballs at dinosaurs you're throwing them at white people. Again, this is real. (This isn't real.)

Snoop is a playable character in the game. You can play him. Would you like to see the other nine characters?

Cool. Here you go:

(I mean, he's a legend now, right? If he's not, he's at least definitely adorable.)

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