Real estate listings site Redfin recently released its latest sales report for Los Angeles

Its analysis, based on March sales, found that the median home price in the market is $575,000. Ouch.

The median price of a house on the Westside “broke” the $1.2 million barrier mark, a spokesman for the site said.

There's still hope, however (if you live in a two-paycheck home where both people make way more than L.A.'s median household income … ).

Here are the 10 most-affordable real estate communities in Los Angeles highlighted by Redfin's report. Some of the areas are crime-challenged. Others are just challenged. But look closely and you might find a hidden gem:

10. North Valley $455,000

9. Sun Valley $440,000  

8. Fox Hills $432,000  

7. Sylmar $400,000  

6. South L.A.  $386,000  

5. Panorama City $368,000

4. “South Central” L.A.  $359,450 

3. West Long Beach $355,100 

2. Pacoima $343,000  

1. Watts $287,500

Happy house hunting. 

LA Weekly