[Editors note: Following Lou Reed's death, Henry Rollins pre-empted his previously-recorded radio show and instead did a live tribute show yesterday in honor of Reed.]

Fanatics. Like many of you, I saw the news of Lou Reed's passing. When I saw the headline, it felt like someone had hit me. I know that at some point everyone has to go, but it's never easy.

I thought about what we should do. As you may have seen in the previous show notes, we had a show all planned out and done, but when someone like Lou Reed goes, you have to reset and start again.

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I went into the office and started putting ideas together to make a show that would be a great salute to this icon and true rock star. I cranked up “Satellite of Love” from Transformer and wept. The ending of that song, when Bowie comes in — it's as good as it gets.

Fanatics, I think we are quite familiar with the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed catalog, so I thought it was not the best use of time to try and attempt some A-Z on Lou Reed with only two hours and not a lot of time for set up. I thought it might be a worthwhile idea to show how damn hard Lou impacted the world of music by mixing in cover versions of his songs with his, so you could hear some other voices interpreting his work and, in this way, salute the man and the music.

I hung out with Lou on several occasions and he was always very cool to me. If I have time, I will tell a couple of Lou stories.

So, I put this show together, alerted the engineer, Amy, and asked if we could change everything and go live. She gave me the green light. All the parts are done, and after I eat and get myself together, I am heading down to the station and will do this with you.

Fanatics, we got this.

Hail the Rock and Roll Animal and stay fanatic.

Hour 1

01. The Velvet Underground – I Heard Her Call My Name / White Light/White Heat

02. Roky Erickson – Heroin / Roky Erickson / Gremlins Have Pictures

03. John Cale – Waiting For The Man / Live At Rockpalast

04. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – All Tomorrow's Parties / Kicking Against The Pricks

05. Lou Reed – Satellite Of Love / Transformer

06. Lou Reed – Real Good Time Together / Street Hassle

07. Eater – Sweet Jane / The Album

08. Joy Division – Sister Ray / Still

09. Lou Reed – Men of Good Fortune / Berlin

10. Lou Reed – Shooting Star / Street Hassle


Hour 2

01. David Bowie – White Light/White Heat / Bowie At The Beeb

02. Lou Reed – White Prism / Ecstasy

03. Velvet Underground – What Goes On / Velvet Underground Boxset

04. Velvet Underground – I'll Be Your Mirror (mono alt end) Velvet Underground Boxset

04. Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs / Norman Dolph Acetate

06. Iggy Pop – No Fun / Waiting For My Man / Nuggets

05. Big Star – Femme Fatale / Third

07. Lou Reed – September Song / September Songs: The Music Of Kurt Weill

08. Velvet Underground – I'm Set Free (alt mix) / Velvet Underground Boxset

See also: Lou Reed Remembered By Other Rock Legends

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