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A few days before the midterm elections, I got this unsigned email:

“How are you going to feel when the Republicans take the Senate on Tuesday, just like they took the House because of your POS hero Obama? Arrogance and incompetence by that fucktard Oliar led to this so thanks for voting for the hack, LMAO!!!”

It was my first good laugh of the day. It was like getting email bombed by an energy drink–addled 13-year-old. Is there any political office you would like to occupy if this was one of your constituents?

As predicted, Republicans swept into powah! It was like a low-rent version of Ken Kesey’s Furthur bus pulling into Washington, D.C., and the Scary Pranksters emerging to kick some ass.


My pen pal wrote again to gloat further, but he’s wasting his time. I think it’s a good thing when the people speak. If it isn’t what I wanted, so what? That’s democracy.

Hopefully, the better ideas won the day. Both sides say their way is best. If this new majority really wants to improve things, then I am ready to hear what they have to say.

Politics isn’t a sporting event. If your party is in the majority, as the Republicans are in both houses, you are tasked with the heavy lifting. It is one thing to complain and obstruct, quite another to govern.

I think the Democrats deserved to lose their majority in the Senate and more seats in Congress. I also think you deserve the government you settle for.

I look forward to what the elected majority will bring to the table, although I think I have an idea as to what’s coming. By sometimes great margins, science doubting, abortion hating, marriage equality–opposing men and women presumably will be sending legislation to the president’s desk.

That is, if they have the time. Constructing grounds for impeachment and looking for new ways to gut Obamacare are time-consuming.

So, if this what more than 50 percent of America wants, then I guess that’s what we’re all in for.

I believe in American democracy. I am not one who has to “win” all the time. I just wonder if the winners are ready for what they won.


Representative John Boehner doesn’t like the president’s new EPA restrictions, which aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 30 percent by 2030. Mr. B called the president’s plan “nuts” and thinks that it will ship more jobs overseas.

But what’s a job worth if your lungs are too coated with carbon residue to breathe? The president’s nutty plan would involve science, could endanger the coal industry, might lead to innovation and, oh, sorry. I’m in the minority. I’d better just hush up.

Texas’ Sen. Ted Cruz, who almost always looks like he’s about to cry (and bears a strange resemblance to Joe McCarthy), says that net neutrality is “Obamacare for the Internet.”

He’s in the majority, so let’s do it. Let’s allow service providers to start making first class and coach for Internet speed. Let’s find yet another way to divide the American people. Free market!

All you broke-asses can just get your information slower because you’re poor and, well, fuck you. I know that some of you are Republicans but hey, Mr. Cruz is one of your guys, so this must be the way to go and I am sure you will find a way to suck it up.

Darkening the skies for the sake of stock­holders and letting people’s incomes determine their Internet access don’t sound like things the most exceptional country in the world would do. But this is what got voted into office. This is what the majority wants. I don’t get it but that really doesn’t matter. The majority in both houses has every American’s best interests in mind at all times, so it’s all going to be great now, right? I mean, this damn tyranny has gone on too long! I can’t wait for the liberty.

Some people are beyond democracy and are sure the whole system is corrupt. For them, all election results are the same.

I get amazing letters from one fellow American fairly often. Recently, the sender advised me that the government uses “false flag” operations to “take away our liberties and squash the Constitution.”

I wrote back and asked what liberties were being taken away and what parts of the Constitution are being squashed. With lightning-fast Internet speed (for now), I got a letter back:

“Well, I can’t go to visit my daughters and protect myself at the same time because if I carry my gun with me, I will be arrested. 2nd amendment liberty taken away. False flag =sandy hook elementary, aurora movie theatre. Privacy taken by nsa via all of my communication devices is: internet blogging social media cell phones etc = my 1st amendment right of free speech, homeland security via body scanners at airport, checkpoints throughout the country. My right as a journeyman on free land to travel unaccosted. Drones and facial recognition cameras, stoplight cameras giving speeding tickets unconstitutional also. Look up YouTube videos… Look up sandy hook hoax. Look up Isis fake actors or Isis c.i.a. I have a right to bear arms against a tyrannical government and right to form militias. Government has big guns and so should the peoples of the u.s. Look up on YouTube Ebola formaldehyde in water. Wake all your friends up too. Sheeple.”

America is a dynamic place. I love our diversity and differences of opinion. I hope for the best for all of us.

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