Beatcrave points us to the intriguing trailer for rock'n'roll vampire movie Suck, which will be previewing at SXSW this coming week.

According to Beatcrave:

the new vampire flick […] stars rock legends Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins (and Moby). The name of the film is blatantly Suck, as it takes on the the attitude of heavy rock and roll and then the world of vampires which so many teens and have fallen in love with thanks to films and TV shows such as Twilight and True Blood. Other actors include Malcolm McDowell and Dave Foley (of Kids in the Hall) among other unlikely cast members.

This will be the sophomore release for director Rob Stefaniuk and although we're wondering how in the world he managed to grab such a major cast, we're a bit more curious about how these musicians will do with comedic timing on their part.

Trailer, featuring the antics of Moby, Alice Cooper, Iggy, and LA punk legend and carny lecturer Henry Rollins, after the jump.

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