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L.A. born and bred artist Henry “Hate” Martinez made a name for himself in local tattoo shops, but it took a move to the UK to elevate his work and profile. Deemed the “Notorious Henry Hate” by The Advocate in 2014, his legendary London tattoo shop called Prick attracted the likes of the late Alexander McQueen and the late Amy Winehouse (he drew the latter’s famous pinup girl arm piece). This writer has known him for years, and our favorite thing about him has always been his raw honesty and bold outlook on life, qualities that saturate his work to this day.

Under The Pleasure District, Hate’s new “sexhibition” features works that, like the artist, are not for prudes or precious types. Based on Sigmund Freud’s theory of the “pleasure principle,” which motivates people to seek immediate gratification, both “instinctual or libidinal,” Hate aims to connect on a primal level, his inspirations driven by the “prosperity  gospel” central to his work; there are many undertones of religious art, a nod to his Catholic upbringing.

Infusing cultural immersion into everything he does, Hate plans is to transform Lauren Powell Projects in East Hollywood into a Red Light District-themed environment that should complement and contrast his work. “Red light districts are regions that anyone can declare anonymity, escape, validation, sex and instant thrills and gratification predating social media clicks and likes,” says Hate. Expect lots of red hues, naughty subjects, queer perspectives and mediums including paintings, tapestry, photography, sculpture and prints.

Of course, tattooing will also be highlighted; visitors can even get a flash piece at the opening, with designs referencing Winehouse and Hate’s new featured works. Limited edition prints will also be available and the first 30 guests (wearing red) at the Sept. 1st opening will score a free art print. The “den of inequity and pop up peepshow” runs from Fri., Sept. 1- Sun., Sept. 10 at Lauren Powell Projects, 5225 Hollywood Blvd. laurenpowellprojects.com



















































































































































































































































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