Kevin Bronson over at Buzzbands has reprinted an email sent from Henry Clay People, who have been touring with the Airborne Toxic Event. Seems ATE kingpin Mikel Jollett is sidelined with laryngitis, and while the two groups are awaiting his recovery, shit's going down with HCP.

Here's the email, reprinted from Buzzbands:

Quick tour update:

Boise: canceled

Salt Lake City: canceled

Denver: canceled

Lawrence, Kan. (Wednesday) and Des Moines, Iowa (Thursday): Not sure???

Let me say that this is very rough on a touring band, especially one that is dependent on the headliner to make these shows happen. Tensions are high amongst the bandmates. First fistfight today. One skinned ankle and one bloody lip later, we still don't know what is happening tomorrow. We are in Fort Collins, Colo., and drinking our pain away.

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