A few weeks ago we reviewed the Xeno and Oaklander show at the Echo for Part Time Punks. The minimal electronics band is on top of their game, riding a solid critical wave and building a hardcore fanbase among the discerning (ok, picky as all getout) fans of the “cold wave” genre.

And now they need your help:

X&O are trying to raise the funds through the Kickstarter website. Video creators Thomas Torrescordova and Tova Carlin write:

Xeno and Oaklander have asked us to shoot a video for them. We're honored and very excited. However, we cannot do this without your help. We're not backed by corporate money or a major label. This video is destined for the world through YouTube and the internet. Our bare bones budget is $7,000. Since we don't have other sources of funding, we're turning to you. We need to raise the money by June 14.

All contributors will be invited to a launch party and performance by the band.

We have fantastic incentives […see kickstarter

Thank you Kickstarter and thank you fans! You are what makes culture happen.

Xeno and Oaklander (https://xenoandoaklander.com/) are a New York-based minimal-electronics band. They have played at P.S.1, SF MoMA and Miami Art Basel, perform regularly at the series Wierd at Home Sweet Home and recently completed a European tour that included England, Germany, Belgium and Italy. Xeno and Oaklander are hosted on Wierd Records. Playing analogue synthesizers and instruments exclusively, they record their songs live in their studio.

The video

During a night of mystery and marauding in this city…….The Kid intently observes X&O through moving bodies and an array of lights at the Lower East Side synth wave club Wierd. After the show, X&O pack up their gear and head to the airport, where an elder with spirit in his eyes and calm demeanor awaits. From their car, Xeno & Oaklander take in the passing landscape and adjust the A/C, while the Kid leaves the club and enters the night streets. It is a demagogic tale of learning and wandering, in the ancient Greek tradition of learning while walking.

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