Do you love to explore the cocktail, spirits and wine scene in Los Angeles? Do you love to talk to your bartender about not just your messy private life, but about obscure spirits, current trends, secret recipes and how exactly he made that illegal still he's got in his Echo Park basement? And most of all, can you write about it? We're looking for a cocktail and wine writer, as our intrepid columnist Patrick Comiskey is taking time off from the job to, well, write. (A book. Stop reading this and get back to your manuscript, Patrick!)

If you're interested in the job, which is a freelance gig, please send a cover letter and some writing samples to me at ascattergood@laweekly. The ideal candidate should be able to file a few times a week, take really great pictures, and should not currently be employed by any local bars, bartenders, mixologists or beverage companies. The ability to write entertaining and well-reported prose while drunk is an added bonus.

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