Not that long ago there was a venerable theater in Los Angeles, a great place to see shows, known as The Henry Fonda (or the Fonda). It was also known as “The Music Box at the Henry Fonda,” which sometimes made for awkward meeting plans. Recently, the theater went through a makeover and we got a memo saying that from now on the Hollywood Blvd. venue would be known simply as “The Music Box.”

One of the strangest decorative choices made during the remodeling was wallpapering the entire theater with humongous blow-ups of scenes from the “Hell” panel in Hieronymous Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights triptych. (Yes. The grotesque images chosen include the dude with a recorder up his ass–see image right next to this.)

We wanted to ask our readers two questions:

1) What do you think of the Bosch Wallpaper? It certainly was a bold choice. But do you like it or not? Thumbs up or down?


2) Will you still call the venue “the Fonda” or do you like “The Music Box” better? Either way, we're pretty sure nobody is missing the cumbersome “The Music Box at the Fonda,” right?

Let us know.

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