Updated after the jump with the ACLU stating the group has been against the x-ray scanners.

The ACLU of Southern California announced Monday that it has appointed its first Latino executive director.

The liberal group's legal director, 42-year-old Hector Villagra, will take over from Ramona Ripston, who's retiring after 38 years of providing AM talk radio with content.

Here's our challenge to Señor Villagra: Don't be a party robot. Take on the TSA's mandatory body-scan/groping policy.

Having your cajones go grope-free en route to your favorite destination is a civil right if ever we knew one.

But the battle between critics and the TSA has made strange bedfellows, with the likes of ACLU lover Antonio Villaraigosa, the mayor of L.A., and Dem-supporter Gloria Allred, the Angelyne of the city's legal community, supporting the government on this one.

Of course, the government in this case is the Democratic Obama administration. We have a feeling that if a guy named Bush was in office, these types would be screaming like tweens at a Justin Bieber concert.

Civil rights are civil rights, but only if the opposition party is violating them, right? Can you say hypocrisy?

So get to work Villagra. There's a guy down in San Diego who's been threatened with five figures in federal fines for refusing to let TSA agents touch his junk.

Update: ACLU officials contacted the Weekly to note that the group has a longstanding stance against the nation's x-ray scanners.

Still, while the spotlight is still hot on the issue, it would be nice to hear the new guy weigh in.

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