USA Today reports
that the man who confronted L.A. Galaxy star David Beckham during a soccer match with AC Milan last Sunday has been red-carded for life. The row began during halftime at Carson's Home Depot Center when a shouting match escalated between Beckham and an angry fan described by the New York Times as an independent film producer named Josh Paige. The man belonged to a Galaxy fan faction known as the Riot Squad. Beckham apparently made the mistake of inviting Paige onto the field and, when the fan did so, he was arrested. Beckham later claimed he was not provoking Paige, but merely trying to shake hands with him.

The fan will be barred from all events held at the Home Depot Center.

Beckham has become singularly unpopular with many Galaxy fans for bailing on his contract in order to play for AC Milan and to regain eligibility to play in European Cup competition.

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