Chelsea Cutler

Sleeping With Roses II (Chelsea Cutler)

Heather Sommer on Chelsea Cutler: Singer and songwriter Heather Sommer told us about the influence of a Chelsea Cutler gem.

Heather Summer: As nearly impossible as it is for me to pick just one album as my favorite, I would have to go with Sleeping With Roses II by Chelsea Cutler. Some of my favorite songs on the album are “AF1s,” “Cold Showers,” and “Mess.” The soundscape is so beautiful, nostalgic and soothing.

(Chelsea Cutler)

As a female musician from the east coast who started out in a pop-electronic space, I remember discovering Chelsea’s music and feeling instantly connected to it. When Sleeping With Roses II came out in 2018, it was just a year after I had graduated college and was working as an assistant art director at Westchester Magazine 5 days a week. I would often drive into the city after work to do recording sessions with my friends in Brooklyn, and so many songs on this album were the soundtrack to those drives. 

Her music has been a really pivotal part in my evolution as an artist and songwriter. Her authenticity in her lyrics has always stood out to me. Even with her massive streaming numbers and social presence, it’s always felt as if she could be a close friend to her listeners because of how real she’s been about her life through her music. While creating my 1st EP nocturnal and my most recent single “CHAMELEON” (part of my upcoming EP coming mid 2022), I’ve made a significant effort to carry with me that same root of authenticity that Chelsea communicates with her art. 

Heather Sommer on Chelsea Cutler: Heather Sommer’s new single “CHAMELEON” is out now.

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