Heath240 Is Pioneering A New Generation of Genreless Artists

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Fresh off the release of his “Everything you Ever Wanted” EP, Heath240 is this fall’s artist to watch. The Boston-born and LA-resident artist’s EP demonstrates the growth of his artistry and his ambition to break outside of traditional genre lines. With rock, rap, and alternative influences that can be heard throughout the project, Heath240 takes a stance against being boxed in by genre lines. This is reflective of a new generation, where music becomes harder and harder to define with only one word. The emotion of the project is not lost on listeners, with Heath240 detailing the depths of love and loss.

The film school dropout has created a cinematic experience, with characters and storylines that carry over through each of the two music videos from the EP, letting his film influence shine throughout his artistic body.

“Everything You Ever Wanted” is the story of me losing myself in a complicated relationship. The push and pull we had on eachother felt like fine art at times but brought me to my knees. I found comfort in writing about these situations and that’s the initial catalyst for creating this project. The key theme of the EP is you can’t love someone more than you love yourself.” HEATH240 on the EP

Heath240 has been an outsider his whole life. Struggling to connect the worlds of his interests, he found solace in the internet. Where amalgamation of interests could coincide with one another and have a community, this was where he ignited his passions for music and cinema. Conflicted with his love of filmmaking and music, he decided to attend film school and ultimately dropped out. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Heath fell deeper in love with music. Heath240 is a singularly unique artist, a byproduct of the current age of music consumption. With his roots in hip-hop but contemporary taste lying more in the rock scene of the early 2000s, Heath’s music reflects his eclectic taste.

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