A Los Angeles County health inspector was charged with sexual battery Tuesday after he allegedly groped the owner of a Pomona donut shop during an inspection of the eatery, the District Attorney's office announced.

Magdy Naiem Tawadros, 50, was charged in the March 24 incident at Pixie Donuts in Pomona. Tawadros' lawyer states that he actually touched the female owner, who was not identified, three times. He also allegedly asked her out.

The woman's attorney, Tim McDonough, gave ABC7 her side of the story: “The first actual assault was a hug, at which point the female store owner distracts him and says, 'I have to look out for the customers,' and she escapes, and after that a second altercation occurs where she's reeled in and of course there's some groping that occurs, and some inappropriate hand touching and things of that nature, and at that point a second escape occurs that then leads on to a third physical altercation.”

The whole thing was caught by the shop's security cameras. The D.A.'s office recommended that bail be set at $50,000. Tawadros could face six months behind bars and a $2,000 fine.

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