If you were to take yourself on a spicy foods tour of Los Angeles, where would you go? There'd certainly be no shortage of options; hell, that tour could probably last a decade. But for the sake of TV, the Food Network narrowed it down to three hot spots which they feature on their new show, Heat Seekers.

Heat Seekers follows two food TV stars, chefs Aarón Sanchez and Roger Mooking, as they travel to major American cities in search of each locale's best spicy food. From previous Food Network and Cooking Channel appearances, we know neither is a stranger to spice, though Sanchez specializes in Latin food and Mooking is more familiar with Asian cuisine.

So where do they go to fire up their palates in this town?

They swing by Guisado's, which reportedly stews its taco meat for three hours in hot chiles and top it with pickled habanero relish. They also hit up Lucky Devils and get a lesson on how to make Diablo Sauce, which is made from jalapeno, anaheim and habanero peppers. Their last stop is Hana Sushi Bar in Northridge where they challenge each other to eat a sushi roll covered in Shut Up Sauce–a habanero, Thai chili, jalapeno and cilantro concoction created by the restaurant's chef, Jorge Sanchez. Seems an appropriate Asian/Latin merger.

We're a little sad they missed out on The Falls' Mustang Ranch, our favorite fruity and peppery hot cocktail around. What spicy plates would you have recommended?

Heat Seekers airs on Fridays at 10 p.m. on The Food Network. The L.A. episode premieres on September 6.

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