Headphone spokesperson Dr. Dre, who once used to be a brilliant, innovative, game-changing hip hop producer, was recently in New York promoting headphones.

Said headphones are branded with the Boston Red Sox logo, which could be pretty profitable since there's a large number of people who enjoy spending their dwindling disposable income on objects branded with the Boston Red Sox logo. This group includes serveral actual DJs and a much larger number of people who fancy themselves DJs.

In the video, headphone spokesperson Dr. Dre endorses headphones to a blonde who might or might not have an idea of who he is, then announces (but doesn't play) an alleged new track he has produced with Jay-Z which might be part of a legendary album he's been announcing for years.

Come back, Dre. Make some music already. Leave the endorsing and the playing dress-up to Puffy.

LA Weekly