The Burger Wars have taken a whole new direction. Like maybe into cultural irony, although that's expecting a lot from a fast food chain. Burger King has just aired — on YouTube, as a preview to hitting the mainstream airways — three new ads made specifically for their Middle Eastern audience. According to GlobalPost, the three ads “were developed by Dubai-based Tonic Communications for the Gulf region's Burger King franchise-holder, Riyadh-based Olayan Group, a Saudi-owned international conglomerate.” Got that?

The three ads feature the same group of young people at a Saudi Arabian Burger King: two Arab men and two American women whom they've clearly just met. The women are idiots. (“You know I have a neighbor and he has a sandpit? But I know it's not like really the same thing.”) The men play along with their clueless procession of stereotypes. Everybody's making fun of everybody else simultaneously, I guess, and thus increasing both general good will and burger sales. Have It Your Way. It's either hilarious or deeply depressing. Or maybe both, depending on your blood sugar levels and, well, a whole lot of things.

1. Burger King Ad: Saudi Arabia, Take 1

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3. Burger King Ad: Saudi Arabia, Take 3

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