Happy Friday the 13th. For some, this is a reason to avoid cats, errant ladders, chopsticks, stray moving vehicles and not-as-random-as-they-seem numbers and letters. But unless you're a baseball player, in which case you have every reason to be superstitious (that's a joke, unless maybe you're James Loney), days like today are not really about OCD behavior as much as they are reasons to release utterly crappy horror movies.

Food superstitions, however, can be amusing. Maybe because they're so benign — throwing salt over your shoulder, eating garlic before Twilight premiers — or maybe because food is so idiosyncratic anyway. When you don't like eating scrambled eggs because they look weird or you refuse to eat chicken because of a recurring dream or you think _____ makes you fat for no scientific reason whatsoever, then throwing whole grains at happy people seems perfectly normal.

So what are your favorite food superstitions, assuming you have them? (Make something up, for chrissakes. It's the Friday before a long weekend; you're not doing any work anyway.) We got a few via Twitter:

@dinnerlist: @LAWeeklyFood I throw salt & I whisper when I'm making beurre rouge.

@allanvkatz: @LAWeeklyFood I'll only eat pork right-handed, drink whiskey from a votive, & abstain from fried fish & whole grains. Otherwise normal.

@alexthapar: Throwing salt at @foodiephotog RT @LAWeeklyFood Happy Friday the 13th. Got any interesting food superstitions? Throwing salt, etc.

@foodiephotog: @alexthapar @LAWeeklyFood & if I throw sugar back @ u & we explode- we'll make the perfect sweet+savory snack. #makesnosense #fridaythe13th

Disclaimer: This writer is not superstitious, perhaps because she could never throw a baseball. Or maybe because both of her children were born on Friday the 13th. (True. Lots of people freaked out, although not the children in question.)

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