Happy Birthday, Mr. President. President Obama turns 49 years old today (CNN Developing News: “I have a more gray hair”), and is celebrating the event by, well, working. According to the White House, he will finish his day by heading to Chicago in the late afternoon for a dinner outing with friends. No, we don't know if Rick Bayless is cooking him dinner. Let's hope someone bakes him a birthday cake, because the Secret Service vetoed the idea during working hours. This morning, the President was supposed to be presented with a cake by the AFL-CIO, after giving a talk at the Washington Convention Center. “But the Secret Service nixed the cake,” said union president Richard Trumka. For security reasons, not because of Mrs. Obama's Let's Move campaign.

Asked what he thought about the situation, the President reportedly expressed disappointment, and questioned the possible motivation of the Secret Service. “They're probably eating it right now,” said Obama. The Secret Service had no comment, perhaps being busy securing buttercream frosting.

LA Weekly