It's President Obama's birthday today. He's 48. The President is not taking the day off, but working at the White House, meeting with advisers and having lunch with the Senate Democratic Caucus. On the agenda: health care reform, the economy, and cash for clunkers. “Chuck E. Cheese was booked,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs joked yesterday, according to Newsweek, which posted, as a kind of birthday present (ah, media jokes), an image of the President's Hawaiian actual birth certificate.

Hosting an Obama birthday party? (Give the man some credit: he's not vacationing on a ranch somewhere right now.) You might order one of the impressive cakes constructed by Sweet Lady Jane, the Melrose Avenue bakery that specializes in elaborately decorated confections. (Larry King's wedding cake, or at least one of them.) Here's an example of a Republican birthday cake, made by Sweet Lady Jane for Ronald Reagan's 91st (his last birthday cake, sadly). All buttercream frosting is bipartisan.

Sweet Lady Jane: 8360 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 653-7145.

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