HANGR3: Connecting Fans, Artists, And Cultures In The Digital Age

Beyond its transformative AI technology, HANGR3 is creating partnerships that bridge the East and West through music. And more than just connecting fans with artists, HANGR3 also bridges cultures in a way the world has never seen before.

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“We’ve just inked a massive deal to put on huge concerts with the biggest names in the world on the largest stages in China,” declares broadcasting luminary Jesse Dylan, from his home in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jesse Dylan, a multi-award-winning broadcaster, best-selling author, and globally recognized on-air personality, has now taken the helm as the Executive Chairman of HANGR3, a groundbreaking AI company currently revolutionizing the music industry.

During our conversation with Dylan, he delves into HANGR3’s far-reaching impact on a global scale, highlighting that the AI platform does much more than connect fans and artists. “We’re talking to celebrities in sports, media, entertainment, and music about using our platform, where we create chatbots to elevate the fan-artist experience,” he explains.

The vision is to empower artists like The Weeknd,  Travis Scott,  Mariah Carey, Khalid,  Metro Boomin’,  Bieber,  Jonas Brothers, and more, by leveraging the platform’s capabilities to engage with the artists’ massive fan base and sell merchandise, tickets, and more.

“Take an artist like The Weeknd,” Dylan says. “He has 64 million followers on Instagram alone. He can’t possibly talk to them all, but guess what? His chatbot can, and it can also sell merchandise, tickets, and even lead through to live concerts in the Metaverse. That’s what we’ve created.”

Reflecting on his long-standing association with talent and artists, Dylan shares his journey from the early days of traditional media to the inception of a tech company two decades ago. “I’ve always had connectivity to talent and artists, and I’ve always been a great connector with people in media, entertainment, and technology. So I got together with some really smart people and created one of the world’s first digital content management systems.”

Recognizing the challenges artists face in gaining publicity without digital platforms, he spearheaded the creation of one of the world’s first digital content management systems, allowing artists to virtually clone themselves for a broader reach.

“To get publicity back in the day, celebrities needed to appear on television or radio shows or land a feature in a magazine article. But with this technology, they could have digital content hubs on the internet to promote themselves,” he says.

Dylan shares that HANGR3 is currently working with the “The Largest Concert Promotion Company in China,” which has been organizing concerts in China, with Chinese artists, for over 30 years. “We’re the only company in North America,  that’s been approached to work with them exclusively, to bring the biggest names in North American talent to the country,” Dylan says.

Currently, China is home to a fertile music market with about 770 million digital music users as of 2020. With an anticipated rise of an additional 30 million users by 2023, the opportune moment has arrived for revolutionary technology like HANGR3 to redefine how fans engage with their favorite artists.

Imagine Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, the Jonas Brothers, or Bruno Mars harnessing the innovative capabilities of HANGR3 to not only connect with their existing fan bases but to transcend borders and cultivate a global following.

With China’s number-one concert organizer coupled with HANGR3’s technological prowess, the stage is set for an unprecedented fusion of Western and Chinese musical landscapes. The prospect of Western artists captivating Chinese audiences and vice versa opens up new avenues for cultural exchange and artistic collaboration.

Dylan sheds light on the impressive scale of potential concerts, including the Wuyuan River Stadium in Hainan, the southernmost province in China. With a capacity of up to 42,000 people within the stadium or an astounding 200,000 for an outdoor tropical concert, the fusion of Western and Chinese musical landscapes takes on grand proportions.

The prospect of these colossal events not only speaks to the magnitude of HANGR3’s impact but also heralds a new era of cultural exchange and collaboration between Western and Chinese artists. The platform facilitates fan engagement while serving as a catalyst to break down cultural barriers, fostering artistic dialogue, and creating unforgettable moments that resonate across continents.

As the curtain rises on this unprecedented fusion, the music industry stands poised at the threshold of a global transformation, where technology and artistry converge to shape the future of musical experiences.

“We’re not just connecting fans with artists, we’re connecting cultures in a way that we’ve never seen before,” Dylan concludes.

To learn more about HANGR3, visit their website today.

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