West Hollywood — L.A.'s central Halloween hotspot — may have stayed relatively tame last night (if you call 8,239 trannies doing the “Time Warp” tame), but Hollywood proper just to the north gave the infamous 2006 Halloween shootings in the Castro a run for their money.

It was strange enough that two gang-related shootings took place within a couple hours of each other. Now, detectives at the LAPD Hollywood station say officers who were investigating the first shooting actually witnessed the second.

It's almost as if the shooter wanted to get caught:

Detective Ramirez confirmed that LAPD officers were across the street, investigating the 1:25 a.m. shooting, when a second suspect gunned down four more victims.

Though the first shot was fired at North Cahuenga Boulevard and Yucca Street, its one wounded victim was discovered bleeding from the stomach a block south, at Hollywood Boulevard — on a populated, bustling street corner with a Popeye's, exactly where the second shooting took place.

The only thing dude could have done to be more conspicuous is wear an Obama mask.

In the end, though, Hollywood-ites can rest easy with their Halloween hangovers: Police confirm that all five victims are in stable condition, and both suspects are in custody. Detectives still aren't sure whether the two shootings are related, but given the evidence, we'll safely say, “Duh.”

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