If you were the “super-tall fireman” on Halloween, a 1920s flapper is looking for you. The Clockwork Orange “boys” in Vegas over the weekend are also sought for amorous inquiry by a woman. Likewise, “that Indian girl at Monster Massive” is the subject of a virtual gentleman caller.

Craigslist's Missed Connections free classifieds category is for people who want to reach out to those they passed — usually flirtatiously — without asking for contact information. There's usually more chirping going on there than at a crickets' convention in summer, but the volume seems to have gotten louder and more twisted in the wake of Halloween, which is perhaps L.A.'s biggest clubbing night. Nearly 100,000 people hit area superclubs and major dance music festivals — Hard Haunted Mansion and Monster Massive included.

One 25-year-old male hopeful is looking for the woman he danced with at Saturday's Monster Massive rave at the Los Angeles Coliseum: “You were wearing a a sexy cop uniform,” he writes. “We danced, we kissed, we danced some more, we kissed some more. Too bad I was having too much fun to get your name or number (stupid me).”

The girl “dressed as a kitty” at Hard Haunted Mansion on Friday is looking for the guy from Orange County who was wearing a white t-shirt (good luck with that). And, of course, who could forget “the Revered Mother from Dune for Halloween up in West Hollywood,” writes one man. “You said I was the fourth person to actually get it. You were awesome, and I tried to find you again but there were just too many people. If you see this write me back.”

Some of the notices are actually a little “aw” inspiring. A woman who identifies herself as “Pixie Dust” is looking for the man with the skeleton face who stole a kiss from her at Monster Massive before her friends pulled her away. “I tried to find you again but no luck,” she writes.

One man is looking for “the Terminator guy” with the “glowing red eye” from the West Hollywood Halloween parade: “I don't know if you're gay, but if you are and if you see this (fingers crossed) please email me.”

Arnold would be (should be?) proud.

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