HAIKEN Japanese Handcrafted Vodka is Elevating LA’s Spirits Scene With a Masterful Blend of Heritage and Innovation

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As the tide of Japanese culture continues to surge across the United States, HAIKEN Japanese Handcrafted Vodka makes its highly anticipated debut in the Los Angeles market. A reflection of the city’s penchant for the world’s best, the launch of the HAIKEN brand and its three distinct expressions – HAIKEN Original, HAIKEN Yuzu, and HAIKEN Lychee – stands as a testament to LA’s ever-evolving spirits landscape.

HAIKEN serves not just as a new spirit but as an experience that encapsulates the legacy and roots of its Japanese origins. Meticulously sourced from the pristine waters of Mt. Katsuragi and crafted with the finest rice from Hyogo, HAIKEN appeals to purists and intrigues the modern, experimental drinker. Its alluring taste profiles, stemming from time-honored traditions, establish its place on the top shelves of LA’s premium bars and restaurants.

Los Angeles, with its diverse culinary offerings ranging from the bustling sushi bars of Little Tokyo to the upscale ramen houses in DTLA, already has an enduring romance with Japanese flavors. Add to this the city’s elite bars and speakeasies that have shown a growing fondness for Japanese whiskies and sake, and it’s clear why HAIKEN’s debut is one of the city’s most anticipated premium spirits launches.

According to Julious Grant, the visionary behind HAIKEN and the Founder/Chairman of ICONIC Spirits and its parent company, Brand House Group, “The rise in appreciation for Japanese culture and flavors in the US has been phenomenal. With HAIKEN, we’re bringing Japanese craftsmanship to LA’s vibrant spirits scene, offering an authentic and refreshingly modern experience.”

Each of HAIKEN’s expressions tells a story. HAIKEN Original sings of natural sweetness with a smooth finale; HAIKEN Yuzu, inspired by Japan’s iconic fruit, promises to redefine classics with its unique tartness; and HAIKEN Lychee paints a vivid palette of strawberries, pears, and hints of citrus.

Angelenos can now purchase HAIKEN Japanese Handcrafted Vodka at Total Wine & More locations, select independent wine & spirits retailers, and online through Drizly.

Beyond the bottle, the history of Brand House Group, steered by the expertise of industry veteran Grant, is deeply rooted in bringing forth unique spirits experiences. With Grant’s 30-year journey holding C-Suite roles in some of the world’s largest spirits companies, including Beam Suntory, Bacardi, Moët Hennessy, Diageo, and several others, the introduction of HAIKEN underscores his continued commitment to redefining the spirits landscape.

“At ICONIC Spirits, our mission is to introduce to the US market innovative spirits meticulously crafted in Japan with the country’s finest ingredients,” adds Grant. “HAIKEN epitomizes this vision. It’s not just about creating yet another alcohol brand, but to offer an authentically Japanese experience tailored for the sophisticated American palate.”

While HAIKEN is a new and noteworthy debut, Grant’s Brand House Group also offers Angelenos a medley of other world-class spirits, each with its distinct, super-premium attributes. Brand House Group’s recently unveiled O’RTE Single-Estate Tequila, an authentic spirit distilled from 100% blue agaves harvested from a new Jalisco estate annually, and OMAGE, a California artisanal brandy that debuted in 2022 offering the finesse and style of a traditional French cognac but with a much more fruit-forward profile created through the use of California grape varietals and innovative barrel aging.

Other ICONIC Spirits brands currently available in Los Angeles include TEITESSA, a premium Japanese single-grain whisky, and the exotic AWAYUKI Japanese Strawberry Gin, which boasts infusions from rare strawberries native to Japan’s Nara Prefecture. Shunka Shuto’s blended whiskies take Angelenos on a journey through Japan’s four seasons. Bikoku’s pure malt, sourced from Mount Fuji’s subterranean waters, offers a taste that’s nothing short of legendary.

For those eager for more details on HAIKEN or to make a direct purchase, visit www.HAIKENvodka.com.

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