Zachary Wigon

Citizenfour's Laura Poitras Explains Why Edward Snowden Did It

With the first two documentaries in her post–9/11 trilogy — My Country, My Country, a portrait of Iraq under U.S. occupation, and The Oath, which focused on two Guantánamo Bay prisoners — Laura Poitras seemed to be making a bid for the title of film's most vigilant observer of American......

James McAvoy Stars in Trance, Danny Boyle's Take on the Inception Genre

The payoff for solving puzzle films is a collaborative rush — in working out the filmmakers' jigsaws, viewers are invited into the moviemaking process. Look at the uber-combative message boards about Primer, or brave the theorizing of Room 237, the docu-analysis of The Shining (reviewed in this section). One subgenre......
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