Wild Don Lewis

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The Year in Live Music

Billy Idol at the Roxy, 3/25 The U.S. Air Guitar Championships at the Key Club, 7/14 Queen Latifah at the Greek, 8/9 Erykah Badu at the Greek, 8/9 The New York Dolls at Sunset Junction, 8/28 Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio at the Greek, 10/7 Richard Simmons at......

Best of L.A. 2005: Mirrors

Something’s Happening is unique in L.A. radio. Where else can one find five and a half hours of programming dealing with consciousness issues? Such mind-expanding luminaries, past and present, as Alan Watts and Shinzen Young deliver enlightening meditations for hours on end. Late at night, when there’s no one around,......
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