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Credit: Kevin Scanlon

Nerdy Like Me: The Secret Mini Driver's Club

"You ready to leave?" Anne asked from just outside my office door. "Yeah, let me just finish this," I said, typing as fast as I could, my fingers and brain in a familiar creative race. "If we don't leave right now, we're both going to be late," she said. I......
Credit: Kevin Scanlon

April Fools Internet Wins, Plus the Perfect Prank Right at Home

When I worked as a scout for Propeller, I dreaded April first. It was already hard enough to find interesting, quality news stories, and having an entire day where I couldn't trust anything I read was just annoying. However, I've always enjoyed creative and humorous things that are obviously fake, like Think......
Credit: Kevin Scanlon

He shoots, He scores: Why I love the Los Angeles Kings

Warning: This week, I'm talking all about the Los Angeles Kings. Even though we've had a team here since 1968, the First Rule of Being a Sports Fan In Los Angeles dictates that relatively few people follow the Kings or care about the game, because the Kings have struggled -......
Credit: Kevin Scanlon

Pasadena Pub Quest: Putting the Olde Back Into Old Town

From Marengo on the East to Pasadena Ave. on the West, there's no shortage of bars along and within a block of Colorado Boulevard in Old Town Pasadena. They range from really cool, like Lucky Baldwin's on Raymond, to really douchey, like . I haven't bothered going anywhere other than......
Credit: Kevin Scanlon

Off the Radar on Mount Lowe: Undiscovered and Overlooked in L.A.

Last week at blogging.la, Chal Pivik said, "Despite re-opening in late 2006 after nearly five years of renovations and additions, Griffith Observatory remains one of LA's relatively off-the-radar attractions, even though parking and admission is free." I completely agreed, and spent much of the weekend thinking about some of my......
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