Violet Lucca

Oscar Nominee Timbuktu Finds Hope and Pain in an African Jihad

To the idle viewer, the small acts of resistance on display in Timbuktu might seem ready-made for Upworthy, little liberal lessons just waiting to be parceled out to anyone who "won't believe what happens next." Yet that type of self-righteous sentimentality — and its opposing straw-man, knee-jerk cynicism — is......

A Journey in My Mother's Footsteps review

Great achievements don't guarantee great documentary––or, as A Journey In My Mother's Footsteps proves, they don't even secure a mediocre one. Dina Rosenmeier's film about her mother's work with Terre des Hommes, a Danish humanitarian organization that assists Indian street children and orphans, is entirely hindered by its sloppy construction,......
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