Victoria Ellison

Telluride Film Festival 2013: A Wrap-Up

The metaphor that kept coming to mind at the 40th Telluride Film Festival in Colorado Aug. 29 to Sept. 2 was provided by Alfonso Cuarón's film Gravity. In this magically imagined, 3-D epic, astronauts Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are menaced by the Kessler effect, in which colliding satellites cause......
The Miners' Hymns

Bill Morrison at REDCAT

Artist Bill Morrison rediscovers cinematic obscurities from the British Film Institute and other archives and reworks them into dazzling experimental films. His most famous is Decasia (2002), a hypnotic feature composed of clips from decaying nitrate films. REDCAT surveys Morrison's work on Monday, with a program including three shorts: The......
Wim Wenders' Pina

Telluride Film Festival

The Telluride Film Festival, which ran Sept. 2-5, is in one sense a setup for the Toronto International Film Festival, which begins just days later (watch for coverage in these pages and at blogs.laweekly.com/stylecouncil/). Many major films arrive in Toronto propelled by Telluride's buzz and go on to make big......
A still from "live cinema performance" The Book of Paradise Has No Author

Inquiry Towards the Practice of Secular Magic

Ross Lipman, an award-winning UCLA film preservationist, has restored or reconstructed work by Kenneth Anger, John Sayles and Charles Burnett. But his own cinema-based artwork is almost the opposite: not the re-establishment of a single original work but the deconstruction and blending of many video documents into a new work......
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