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Pistachio Citrus Torte; Credit: Robert Wemischner

The Dessert Architect: Passover Desserts at the Skirball

Now that everyone's a food critic, creating a dessert worthy of a Passover feast can get extra challenging. The Jewish holiday meal requires cooks to adhere to a shortened list of kosher ingredients, which excludes leavening or any grain that can ferment. That means dessert can get dry, flat and......
Keep bacon where it belongs; Credit: Flickr user Sam Breach

Top 10 Bad Food Trends of 2010

The past year has been a hard one to swallow. Everywhere we look, there is some new abomination disguised as an innovation in cooking or dining. Before we start buying Tums in bulk, we'd like to suggest a few food trends that shouldn't make an appearance in 2011. 1. Baconifcation......
holiday buffet; Credit: Flickr/burningkarma

10 Tips For Holiday Entertaining

That glass of bubbly got you in an ebullient mood, so you invited 20 people to your place for a little holiday party. Don't panic, experts are here to help. Just think of your gathering like a theatrical production -- plus food -- and you'll have a better go at......
Most cooks still fry latkes in lots of grease

Oy, Vey! Jewish Cooking Classes for Hanukkah + A Latke Recipe

You love your grandma, but just not her leaden matzoh balls and grease-laden latkes. With the eight days of Hanukkah beginning on Dec. 1 (25 Kislev for those of you on the Hebrew calendar), it's time for an act of self defense; it's time for Jewish holiday cooking classes......
Royce chef David Féau; Credit: The Royce

At The Royce, Langham Huntington's New Restaurant: "Molecular Is Over"

Wander down the hallway of the Langham Huntington, Pasadena, past the thick brocades and the crystal chandeliers and suddenly, you're confronted with the glowing black and glass door frame that is the new entrance to the new restaurant, The Royce. The former Dining Room at the former Pasadena Ritz-Carlton is......
Ciao Balla; Credit: Clint Peralta

Meatballs + Kim Kardashian = Ball-o-riffic Trend

It's the food version of crowdsourcing: Stand in line at a food truck, debate out loud about what to eat, and something like group hysteria swells through the line. And if you're at the Great Balls on Tires truck, a pun-filled, ball-o-riffic madness starts to roll off tongues faster than......
Credit: markbittman.com

Bittman At The Skirball Tonight: Food Matters, Et. Al.

When cookbook author Mark Bittman shows up tonight, October 26th, for a discussion and book signing at the Skirball Cultural Center, he's likely to be a walking, talking endorsement for his new book, The Food Matters Cookbook: 500 Revolutionary Recipes for Better Living. Since embracing his less-meat manifesto, Bittman has......
artist's rendering of Scarpetta; Credit: scottconant.com

Scott Conant's Westward Expansion: Scarpetta in Beverly Hills

Call it chef Scott Conant's great Westward expansion: Scarpetta Beverly Hills. Conant's fourth version of the Italian restaurant opened Monday at Montage Beverly Hills in the space formerly occupied by Parq, the beautifully tiled, but ultimately unsuccessful, space that overlooked Beverly Canon Gardens. Montage gutted most of Parq, its original......
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