Tyler Stallings

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When Jesus Walked

Lying in bed, enveloped by a flickering blue aura, I will occasionally pause on the TBN channel and include myself in Paul and Jan Crouch‘s international telecongregation. From their studio set, and their gilded, thronelike chairs, they seem to praise Jesus less than they do the strength of their broadcast......

The Corner Medicine Cabinet

I am situated on an aspirin-inspired bar seat, inside a huge medicine cabinet. Outside, the faade of Pharmacy Restaurant + Bar, opened two years ago in the fashionable London neighborhood of Notting Hill by artist Damien Hirst, quotes the antiseptic qualities of medical architecture. A few people walk in off......
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The Power of the Purse

Yes, you can call them purses again: The tiny silk floral “Audrey,” by Lauren Scherr (at Jennifer Kaufman, in the Beverly Center) His gaze stops on one girl at the ClubClub bar. She wears Moschino Cheap and Chic tiger-pattern Lycra pants and top. Comparatively, his D&G black makes him look......
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