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The original Ramones lineup: Johnny

Remembering Tommy Ramone, the Original Punk Rock Drummer

Thomas Erdelyi, better known to his friends and the world as Tommy Ramone, died at his home in Queens this past Friday. His death came from a battle with bile duct cancer, an illness that he kept relatively quiet. Tommy was best known as the original, pioneering drummer of The......
Richie Ramone; Credit: Markus Cuff

Richie Ramone Gets His Mojo Back

Being a Ramone nearly broke him, but after decades of dormancy Richie Ramone is back with a vengeance. After sitting on a drum throne behind Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee for five years, 1982-1987, Richie quietly quit The Ramones. He took a limousine home after a show in Long Island and......

Why Warren Zevon Was Awesome: Cliff's Notes Version

We all know the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is bullshit. But since it's induction season, it's worth mentioning that Los Angeles legend Warren Zevon has once again been ignored. Not that the RnR HoF is capable of recognizing his greatness, but on this occasion it's worth spelling out......
Credit: Melinda Davidson

How The Aquabats Super Show! Came to Be

The Aquabats were on a mission. They wanted to be on TV and, after almost two decades, it finally happened. You may have seen their compellingly-silly The Aquabats! Super Show!, which has become a surprise hit on the Hub Network. "There was really no goal, there was really no vision,"......
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