Troy Farah

RJD2; Credit: Photo: Nick Fancher

RJD2's New Album Gets Cinematic but Stays True to His Hip-Hop Roots

If you can tell a lot about someone from their chosen words, Ramble Jon “RJ” Krohn, known to his fans as RJD2, comes across as analytical, technical and a bit nerdy. His vocabulary is speckled with terms like contour and hierarchy.  His music reflects his lexicon — precise yet diverse, varied......
YACHT's Claire L. Evans and Jona Bechtolt; Credit: Alin Dragulin

YACHT Mess With Fax Machines and Uber to Comment on Modern Technology

In 2015, the year that finally proved Back to the Future to be an inaccurate forecast, it can be hard to shed your disappointment about the present. Gravity-defying skateboards are still a distant dream, but, as Los Angeles indietronica duo YACHT puts it in their “tracklisticle” on BuzzFeed, the future......
Are you really gonna trust your hearing to these things?; Credit: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr

We Tested Six Earplug Brands to See If Any of Them Don't Suck

A high-pitched mewl, a mosquito’s whimper, the shrieking voice of a dentist’s drill. This is the sound of tinnitus, a side effect of noise-induced hearing loss and a sound I had become far too familiar with. I don’t remember which extremely loud concert had been the tipping point — maybe......