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Pastry chef Della Gossett used to teach kids about art and cooking in her hometown of Chicago.; Credit: Photo by Ryan Orange

Spago's Pastry Chef Masters the Art of Calm

One of the 54 fascinating Angelenos featured in L.A. Weekly's People Issue 2015. To command the pastry kitchen at Spago, you've got to be somewhat superhuman. The sheer volume of diners, private parties, VIPs and special requests makes it easy for a mere mortal to snap. But that's not how......
Credit: Flickr/Jens Schott Knudsen

Cooks Don't Call In Sick. But They Might Start

It’s cold and flu season, and everyone’s doing their best to avoid getting the bug — especially the cooks at your favorite restaurant. Of course no one wants to get sick (and we doubly wash our hands and binge on vitamin C to avoid it), but many people don’t consider......
Postre Chaja at Grand Casino; Credit: Tracy Chabala

Meet Postre Chaja, the Hard-to-Find South American Pavlova

If you're at a South American bakery and see a sweet in the display case that looks like an imploding planet Krypton, don't be alarmed. It's only postre chaja, a relatively obscure and luscious Uruguayan sponge cake filled with peaches, whipped cream, sometimes dulce de leche, and topped with delicate shards of French......
Turkish Coffee at Aroma Cafe; Credit: Tracy Chabala

5 Great L.A. Cafés for Turkish Coffee

Syphons look cool, the French press allows you to ingest a quart of coffee in public while appearing chic instead of addicted, and the recent influx of "pourovers" is a slick way to charge $5 for a cup of plain-old drip coffee.  But there is something magical about the viscous......
Individual tres leches cake at Porto's Bakery; Credit: Tracy Chabala

6 Best Tres Leches Cakes in L.A.

If you live in L.A. and have even a modest sweet tooth, chances are you've tried a tres leches cake. And if you've tried a good one, you know it's one of the dreamiest cakes on earth. Drenched in three milks — sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream......
Argentinian Alfajores at Sanguchetto Bakery; Credit: Tracy Chabala

6 Awesome Alfajores: Where to Find the South American Sweet in L.A.

Meet the alfajor, the French macaron of South America. The original alfajor  - an ancient Spanish-Arabic pastry born in the Andalucian city of Medina Sidonia in the southernmost region of Spain -  bears little resemblance to its South American counterpart.  Derived from the Arabic alfahua, or "honeycomb," Spanish alfajores are long cylindrical......
Blu Jam Cafe; Credit: Tracy Chabala

10 Best Pancakes in Los Angeles

Pancakes done right are nothing short of virtuous, and we feel the establishments serving the best ones deserve medals for their public service from the City of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the city doesn't have pancake sampling at the top of its to-do list, so we've eaten our way through not......
La Ceyala; Credit: Tracy Chabala

Pan de Muerto: 5 Sweet Spots for Day of the Dead Bread

If you aren't familiar with Dia de los Muertos, you really should be. Arguably one of the most badass holidays on the planet, it featured dancing skeletons before Social Distortion played their first chord or Tim Burton picked up his first Super 8. This life-affirming Mexican celebration is so aesthetically......
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